Why We Love Olive Trees

Our beautiful olive grove located in sunny Georgia.

These olive trees have a rich history that dates back centuries to the people and cultures of the Mediterranean. But today, we’re proud to share that our farm is home to all the beauty and serenity of these charming trees located right here on American soil.

From their silver green leaves to their delicate white blossoms and exotic fruits, the olive tree is a legendary wonder. Symbols of friendship, healing, longevity, and peace, they come ready to share their spiritual gifts with those who encounter them. Plant them in a decorative urn, simple pot, or straight into the ground to bring splendor to any garden or home for generations to come. (And yes – with the right care they do live that long!) 

And if that’s something you’re looking to share, an olive tree makes the perfect gift to share with loved ones. After all, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.